Henning Bahr

Henning Bahr has since 2008 been the CEO and owner of Retail Institute Scandinavia, which has merged with the Stockmann Group, bought by Henning Bahr in 1990. As the CEO of Retail Institute Scandinavia, Henning works with both consulting and market research tasks for private and public companies.

Henning Bahr originally worked within retail banking, with responsibility for branch planning, market analysis and product development. Later he worked in the market research industry with responsibility for service companies within both retail and FMCG.

Henning Bahr holds a masters degree from Copenhagen Business School and further education from Stanford University with a focus on management programs.

Henning Bahr

CEO, owner and editor in chief
E-mail: hb@retailinstitute.dk
Phone: +45 20 43 00 11

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