District optimization

Retail Institute Scandinavia has helped suppliers optimize their sales areas for many years. Get an independent and impartial assessment of how and where your salespeople should be allocated in order to get the most out of your resources.

We optimize the districts in close cooperation with you. You provide input in form of the following examples:

  • Visit rhythms at chain level
  • Sellers’ residence
  • Length of sales tour
  • Visits per. salesman per. day
  • Time spend per. visit

Based on your specific needs and wishes, we prepare proposals for the geographical division of the districts.
After potential corrections, you will be supplied with a map of districts, a file with information on visits and districts on store level which can be read directly into your own database.

Furthermore, you also have the possibility to get lists and statistics on e.g. number of stores per. chain per. salesman.

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Helle Husted

Market director
E-mail: hh@retailinstitute.dk
Phone: +45 23 43 31 40

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