Membership – Grocery Supplier

As a supplier to the retail industry, you know that the path to growth goes through a thorough understanding of the market, competitors and your customers – in short, through knowledge. Ensure yourself the best up-to-date knowledge with a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia.

Retail Institute Scandinavia offers a unique membership to suppliers to the grocery business. Besides our regular member services that ensure your entire organization access to current, relevant, inspiring knowledge and consulting, you as a grocery supplier also have access to unique insights and knowledge that is especially tailored to you. Through the membership we will keep you updated on the development of the industry and supply you with in-depth, relevant and useful knowledge that can be applied in the strategic business development.  Develop your full potential as a supplier to the retail industry, get an information head start and a competitive advantage with a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia.

With a supplier membership you get:

  • Two annual client service visits
    From the end of May: the chains’ performance, ready for annual consultations
    From the end of October: consumer trends. We are following the development on several parameters that indicate how consumers are behaving
  • One free ticket to the Stockmann Årsmøde conference
    (Value: 2,495 DKK) and a 20 % discount on additional tickets
  • Quarterly grocery sector charts
    With corporate/chain structure, number of stores and value share (value 7,960 DKK)
  • 10-year forecast for the chains in Danish retail
    Who are the winners and losers? (Value 1,995 DKK)

In addition to the above mentioned services, the following points are also included in the membership:

  • Retail Watch
    You will get the best and most relevant retail and consumer news from home and abroad with the daily newsletter Retail Watch. In this way, the entire organization stays updated on the market.
  • Global Retail News
    The international newsletter Global Retail News will arrive directly in your inbox 10 times a year and provide you with in depth knowledge of the global retail market.
  • Retail+
    Four times a year you will receive Retail Institute Scandinavia’s most in-depth magazine on retail and consumer trends. Each number has its own theme and deals with concepts, chains, strategies, consumer trends and technology through analyses, reports, interviews, and best practice cases.
  • Retail Innovations
    The annual publication Retail Innovations, which is developed in collaboration with our international network of retail experts, Ebeltoft Group, is sent to all members.
  • Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel/Supermarkedshåndbogen
    Included in the membership is also either the book ”Retail chains in Denmark” or ”The Supermarket Book” which provide facts on retail chains and supermarket chains in Denmark.
  • Unlimited access to the Knowledge Bank
    The entire organization has access through a unique login to our knowledge database, where you will find a goldmine of information and inspiration in the form of articles, analysis and much more.
  • The Boxing Ring
    Every year we provide you with a two hour counselling session in which we discuss a relevant topic based on the company needs or you can choose one of our lectures.
  • Counselling and coaching
    Our consultants are always available for counselling and coaching either by phone or e-mail.
  • Trend seminar
    Once a year we invite all of our members to the annual trend seminar in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, were we provide an interesting program for the day with presentations from industry leaders and experts.
  • 20 % discount
    As a member of Retail Institute Scandinavia you will also get at least a 20 % discount on analyses, consultancy hours and more.

The price of a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia is
DKK 39,500 ex VAT per. 12 consecutive months.

Contact our consultant Maria Louise Engelbredt på +45 25 30 25 84 / to hear more about the membership.

The Boxing Ring:
We always start with your needs

As a member of Retail Institute Scandinavia you have access to an annual two hour ”Boxing Ring” with one of our experienced consultants on a relevant topic – based on the specific needs of the company.

Take a look in our lecture catalogue and give us a call, so we can discuss the specific issues on which your company needs some guidance.

Do you want to stay one step ahead of the competition?

To become a member, or to hear more about how your company can benefit from a membership, please contact:

Dorte Wimmer

Retail- & forbrugerpassionist/director
Phone: +45 40 32 98 10

Unlimted access to the Knowledge Bank

Your company has unlimited access to our knowledge database of news, analyses and publications. Here you can find and search in all the news, we have provided our members with through almost two decades, download reports, analyses, Retail+ and much, much more.