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A Stockmann Online subscription ensures you an always updated store database. The subscription gives you an optimization of your resources, customer panel and the salesman time in relation to residency, and thereby you are ensured the right frequency of visits.

In this way you will both save time on updating the database, as this can be run together with Stockmann Online. You will receive new data each month and are therefore constantly updated on the stores’ location, chain and wholesale conditions, as well as size and turnover.

With this knowledge, you are always able to update your sales districts yourself, but as a part of the subscription you are also entitled to one annual optimization of your sales districts.

The Stockmann Online store database consists of, as a basic service, all the stores in the grocery sector (more than 2.800 stores) and the subscription can be extended to include the convenience sector’s store network as well (more than 2.600 stores).

Besides the extended data on each store, the Stockman Online database also holds information on revenue class, sales area, chain and wholesale conditions, store type, location type and range.

When signing up for Stockmann Online you will also get a free membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia – read about the many membership benefits here.

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Helle Husted

Market director
Phone: +45 23 43 31 40

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