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Do you need more knowledge on Generation Y or Z, the grocery consumer and global retail trends? Book a talk and be inspired by our experienced speaker Dorte Wimmer, who, with her expert knowledge on the consumers, retail and grocery shopping, gives you and your business unique insights on the subjects.

The consumers have changed their behavior significantly. But what does that mean for retailers, and what significance do phenomena such as e-commerce and digitization have for brick-and-mortar stores? How do you ensure an increasing store foot fall, future-proof your business and transform buzzwords such as omnichannel and e-influence into a concrete understanding and put it into action? Who is Generation Y and how do you attract them and maintain them – both as customers and employees?

When you book a talk with Retail Institute Scandinavia, we always start with your challenges and adapt the talk to your company’s specific arrangement and needs. If you want to work with the insights provided in the talk, you may also wish to combine it with a workshop where you can discover what the identified trends mean for your business.

Discover our talks below. Remember, that our talks are always adapted to the specific situation of the company, and that we also tailor new talks to your event.

Dorte Wimmer

Dorte Wimmer is a highly experienced and competent speaker. She gives a very inspiring talk based on her expertise, empathy and energetic appearance.

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