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The retail industry is constantly evolving, which is necessary in order to keep up with this digital age’s hyper-connected and selective consumers. The industry needs to think outside of the box and apply new measures if it wants to maintain relevance and ensure a seat in the front rows of the consumers’ minds. But what do all the latest trends mean for your organization, and how should you react to the macro-trends?

In a workshop we will identify what the latest retail and consumers trends mean for your business together. We will discuss and work with your challenges and opportunities in the market. The goal is to update you with the latest knowledge within a given area and simultaneously put this knowledge into play in relation to your business situation. Together, we will create a starting point that enables you to continue the strategic and operational work with the focus areas from the workshop onwards.

Innovation Workshop

We have developed a unique method which focuses on training skills in structurally applying insights in relation to your industry in the future innovation work.

Retail management

Do you know how to attract and maintain talents in retail now and in the future? And what leadership qualities it requires?

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Dorte Wimmer

Retail- & consumer passionist/Director
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