Amazon is coming – Now what?

Amazon is coming – Now what?

The world’s most successful company, Amazon, has announced their arrival in Sweden – and Denmark will undoubtedly be the next step. The Danish customers have already embraced Amazon, as seven out of ten Danes (70%) know Amazon and every third Dane (30%) has shopped on Amazon within the last year. There is no doubt that when Amazon really turns its attention to Denmark it will be an unprecedented game changer that will seriously change customers’ requirements and expectations as well as the structure of retail.

We will talk about a BEFORE and an AFTER. The question is – what can you do as a Danish company in the fight against the giant?

Everyone knows Amazon and most fear the e-commerce giant’s entry for good reasons, but how well do you know the company everyone is talking about?

“It’s an Amazon World – we just live in it”

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-Anja Lehmann Rød, Head of Channel Development & Specialists, Telenor

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