Danmarks Største Shoppingcentre

Get an easy overview of the development in Denmark’s major shopping centres

Every year Retail Institute Scandinavia publishes the industry book “Danmarks Største Shoppingcentre” in collaboration with ICP (Institute for Centre-Planning).

The book represents the approximately 115 largest shopping centres in Denmark. Turnover wise, shopping centres are continuously important for the Danish retail industry and its suppliers. The publication provides the latest figures and information and thereby the necessary overview of the development in the 115 largest shopping centres in Denmark, which all together consists of 2,2 million m2 sales area.

The book contains:
• A description of every shopping centre along with the surrounding area and demographic data
• Information on Centre owners and their stores, number of visitors, turnover etc.
• A general description of the structure development of the shopping centres in Denmark

Who can use the book?
Danmarks Største Shoppingcentre 2019 is mainly directed at persons who need an easy and fast overview of the development and status of the largest Danish shopping centres, which in terms of turnover, are steadily becoming more and more important for the Danish retail industry and its suppliers.


June 2020


You can choose to subscribe on the book and get a discount. A subscription to industry books is binding the first two years, and can afterwards be cancelled before the release of the next edition. 


DKK 3.745,- 
(non-subscribers ex VAT and delivery)
DKK 3.045,- 
(subscribers ex VAT and delivery)


For further information please contact Helle Husted at
phone +45 23 43 31 40 or e-mail hh@retailinstitute.dk.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.