Dansk Dagligvarehandel Prognose 2028

”Danish Grocery Industry Forecast 2028”

Once again Retail Institute Scandinavia has developed a forecast for the Danish grocery industry. The forecast period extends from now until 2028.

Dansk Dagligvarehandel Prognose 2028 highlights, inter alia, how the Danish grocery industry will be hit by store closures the coming years, which store formats will be experiencing growth, along with which kind of development we can expect in turnover and sales areas. The forecast includes the grocery sector and the convenience sector.


The publication consists of three main sections:

  • Forecast conditions, where the biggest change in comparison to the forecast from last year is that for the first time ever, we include all channels in the forecast and it is based on the continus battle of “share of stomach”.
  • Our latest trend universe for 2018 with best practice cases. We focus on a number of consumer trends which will have an influence on the grocery industry and which the players advantageously can respond to in the forecast period, if they need to increase their competitive position.
  • The results of the forecast contain our estimation of the different store types and the players’ expected development. In the more “controversial” part of the forecast, where we divide corporate groups and chains, it is up to the reader to independently estimate and take a critical stance. It is the purpose of this forecast to provoke future actions from the players who are expected to lose a number of stores or market shares.

Who can use the forecast?

The forecast is not set forth with the purpose of the forecast to become reality – but it will usually perform as an initiator – partly of considerations and partly of concrete actions. The forecast real value lies within its ability to provoke the different parties with interests in the grocery industry.


DKK 2.495,- (non-subscribers)
DKK 1.995,- (subscribers & Stockmann Online-subscribers)


November 2018




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