Dansk Dagligvarehandels 10 Års statistik 2008-2018

”Danish Grocery Industry’s 10 Year Statistic 2008-2018”

Are you in need of knowledge regarding the Danish grocery industry? Dansk Dagligvarehandels 10 Årsstatistik 2008-2018 is the only one of its kind in Denmark, and it provides a number of information for everyone who works in the industry.


In the 10 year statistic you can find the development in numbers of stores, sales area and turnover in terms of the following categories:

  • Concentration
  • Urbanization
  • Regions
  • Operating system
  • Chain ownerships

The development is illustrated both in absolute, index and share numbers with the use of diagrams to clarify the process.

The statistics is based on information about the Danish grocery industry from the Danish Store Register. The figures include stores in the Danish Store Register for the grocery and convenience sector from 2008 to 2018.

Who can use the statistics?

Dansk Dagligvarehandels 10 Årsstatistik is meant as a reference book for sales and marketing managers who wish to study the development of the grocery sector through the years for example in relation to the yearly strategy planning.


This is not part of the membership.  A subscription to industry books are binding the first two years, and can hereafter be cancelled before the release of the next edition.


DKK 1.495,- (non-subscribers)
DKK 1.295,- (subscribers)


January 2019




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