Fremtidens forbrugere i dagligvarehandlen – Generation Y: Forstå dem; fang dem

”Consumers of the Future in the Grocery Industry – Generation Y: Understand them; Engage them”

The future consumers have very different attitudes and values than former generations, which come to show in their purchasing patterns and selection criteria. The changing behaviour sets new demands for brands and stores, if they want to succeed now and in the future.

The book provides unique insight into:

  • Generation Y’s values – attitudes, health, consumption with purpose along with experiences and relations
  • Generation Y’s media habits – and which influence it has on the purchases and communications
  • Generation Y’s food habits – opinions regarding organic principles and ingredients
  • Generation Y as a grocery customer and their purchasing situation – shopper mission, selections criteria, Private Label, level of impulse
  • The development of the grocery industry – the roles of discount supermarkets, Generation Y’s preferences
  • 3 drivers for future grocery shopping

In the end of every chapter you will find a brief summary providing you with an overview and a fast digest of the essence of the content.

In the end of the book you will find a document that provides you with tools to work with the insights and understand how the insights can affect your brand or business

The book is based on many years of monitoring Generation Y in Danish and International consumer analyses, trend research and market development and is spiced up with cases from all around the world, which is attained through interviews, inspiration from international retail conferences along with the author’s many store visits worldwide.

The preface is written by Erik Frisk, CEO, Beiersdoft and chairman of DLF (Dagligvareleverandørerne).


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September 2016




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