Global Retail Innovations & Trends 2018

Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2018 is your guide to the newest trends and innovative concepts concerning retail trade in an international perspective. With the latest version of Retail Innovations you get inspiration from across the world and insights into the leading trends which is going to dominate the retail industry in 2018.

The hot four
The book provides information on what is happening globally on the retail stage and additionally it offers specific ideas to the creative progress of your retail concept. Global Retail Trends & Innovations 2018 offers you 43 best practice cases from 18 countries distributed on four hot retail trends with two sub trends each, which combined provides inspiration and input.

The four trends are as follows:

#1 Smart Shopping
#2 Interaction
#3 Emotional Retail
#4 Responsibility

Information on the Retail Innovations-series

Retail Innovations provides key information and pictures from concepts in all sectors – from convenience to perfumeries and books to construction markets. But common to all the concepts are that they offer new ideas and challenge the way we usually think about retail trade providing interesting and original concepts.

What is better than opening your eyes to new and better ways of doing things? The Retail Innovations-series contain a wide range of best practice cases which all demonstrate how other players reinterpret a store, an industry or a particular way of doing things. Specific examples of innovation can provide the courage to question your own concept. Ability together with determination on change, innovation and development is essential today with the constant changing market where empowered and omnipotent consumers are constantly on the lookout for news, inspiration and experiences. So take the chance with Retail Innovations and get specific ideas on how to create a better business.

In addition you can also buy a package with the five latest publications within the Retail Innovations-series.

Publications and prices

Retail Innovations 12: DKK 495,- (March 2017 – 105 pages, language: ENG)
Retail Innovations 11: DKK 495  (March 2016 – 130 pages, language: ENG)
Retail Innovations 10: DKK 495,- (May 2015 – 117 pages, language: ENG)
Retail Innovations no. 2: DKK 395,- (November 2012 – 68 pages, language: Danish)
Retail Innovations no. 1: DKK 395,- (November 2011 – 68 pages, language: Danish)

Offer: Purchase all five of the latest editions from the Retail Innovation-series DKK 1.495,-

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