Refresh Retail 2.0: How to prepare for the future

We are facing a tsunami of changes in these years. Changes that redefine the retail world as we know it – already forming and developing the retail industry in unprecedented ways. The changes are constant and come from both known and new sides. Therefore, the traditional business model is challenged, where new exciting concepts and models are launched every day. These are new times for retail!

Customers are and will be the center of a successful business. The customers ensure the company’s existence today, tomorrow and in the future. Through deep customer insights and customer understanding, you have the knowledge to run and develop your business. In our research and in the development process of our book ‘Refresh Retail 2.0’, we have identified six key customer types – across all ages – that retailers and brands should know and consider since they set the framework for shopping in the future across the four generations.

In this lecture, you will gain insight on how to make yourself relevant as a brand and retailer. You will gain a solid understanding of the consumers of the future and gain insight into new, innovative business models, as well as how you rethink your business model. The lecture draws inspiration and is built around practical business cases from around the world, which expert Dorte Wimmer herself has visited, to inspire your winning position in retail.

The lecture is based on the book Refresh Retail 2.0.


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