Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel

“Retail chains in Denmark 2019”

Are you in need of up-to-date information on industries and chain profiles in Danish retailing? That is exactly what you get with the latest edition of “Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel 2019”. The book contains updated information on the 28 retail industries and 315 retail chains in Denmark.


The book provides a wide range of useful information on Danish retail chains along with an overview of the development in the Danish retail industry:

  • Industry section describing the industry in general along with the development of the retail chains in terms of store numbers and sales over the last five years
  • Retail chain profiles including the history of the chains, locations of the stores etc.
  • E-commerce – overview of retail chains with a webpage and/or an online shop
  • Internationalization – overview of international retail chains with stores located in Denmark, and Danish retail chains with stores abroad
  • Address list with addresses of the headquarters of the retail chains and industry associations
  • Introduction with Retail Institute Scandinavia’s view on 2019 trends dealing with new consumer and market tendencies
  • Introduction to and an overview of the Danish e-commerce development

Who can use the book?

Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel 2019 provides an updated view on the dimensions and significance of the retail chains in their respective industries. The book is a great instrument for everyone involved in or occupied with Danish retail:

  • Wholesalers, manufacturers, agents and importers
  • Retail chain managers and store managers
  • Advertisement, media and web agencies
  • Business schools and other educational institutions with retail business courses

398 pages.


In addition to the book it is possible by request to purchase an Excel-file withholding extended data about all of the retail chains along with information on key persons such as chain manager, chief executive officer, chief financial officer and IT manager.

Price: DKK 1,200 (ex VAT).

Order the publication and supplement via our order form.


Members of Retail Institute Scandinavia receives one copy of “Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel 2019” free of charge.

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This is not part of the membership.  A subscription to industry books are binding the first two years, and can hereafter be cancelled before the release of the next edition.


DKK 2.095,- (non-subscribers)
DKK 1.895,- (subscribers)


April 2019 (398 pages)




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