Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel

Stay updated on industries, chains and trends in Danish Retail

Are you in need of up-to-date information on industries and chain profiles in Danish retail? That is exactly what you get with the latest edition of “Retail Chains in Denmark 2020” (Kæder i Dansk Detailhandel 2020).

The book contains updated information on the 28 retail industries and 296 retail chains in Denmark. The book is published in Danish.

Retail Chains in Denmark 2020 provides an updated view on the dimensions and significance of the retail chains in their respective industries. The book is a great instrument for everyone involved in or occupied with Danish retail:

  • Wholesalers, manufacturers, agents and importers
  • Retail chain managers and store managers
  • Advertisement, media and web agencies
  • Business schools and other educational institutions with retail business courses

Retail Chains in Denmark gives you

  • Industry section describing the industry in general along with the development of the retail chains in terms of store numbers and sales over the last five years
  • Retail chain profiles including the history of the chains, locations of the stores etc.
  • E-commerce – overview of retail chains with a webpage and/or an online shop
  • Internationalization – overview of international retail chains with stores located in Denmark, and Danish retail chains with stores abroad
  • Address list with addresses of the headquarters of the retail chains and industry associations
  • Introduction with Retail Institute Scandinavia’s view on 2020 trends dealing with new consumer and market tendencies
  • Introduction to and an overview of the Danish e-commerce development

Are you missing information on key management personnel in Danish retail chains?

In addition to the book it is possible by request to purchase an Excel-file with extended data on all of the retail chains along with information on key persons such as chain manager, chief executive officer, chief financial officer and IT manager. Price: DKK 1,200 (ex VAT).


Members of Retail Institute Scandinavia receives one copy of “Retail Chains in Denmark 2020” free of charge. Read more about our membership here


You can choose to subscribe on the book and get a discount. A subscription to industry books is binding the first two years, and can afterwards be cancelled before the release of the next edition.


April 2020




For further information please contact  Helle Husted by e-mail hh@retailinstitute.dk or phone +45 23 43 31 40.


DKK 2.095,-(non-subscribers)
DKK 1.895,- (subscribers)

Key management personnel (supplement) DKK 1.200,-

Prices are ex VAT and delivery