Refresh Retail 2.0


The retail industry is undergoing a transformation at lightning speed. New and changed consumer patterns affect and change the decision- and purchase processes as never before. New technology provides endless opportunities and shifts the power balance in favor of the customers, and new, unexpected players enters and disrupts the industry. Thereby making it necessary to rethink and invent formerly successful business models.

In Refresh Retail 2.0 we take a close look at the powerful consumers and what they want now and in the future based on comprehensive national consumer study: Generation Z, Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers.

The book gives you the tools necessary to innovate the business model for chains, suppliers, brands and others within the retail industry.

Refresh Retail 2.0 gives you:

  • 6 retail movements characterizing the future retail industry
  • 6 new customer types across Generation Z, Y, X and Baby Boomers
  • 7 drivers describing what parameters the future business models need to fulfill in order to meet consumers’ needs and demands

You can also read about 24 new and innovative business models chosen based on their ability to fulfill consumer needs and demands and their potential to disrupt the industry

–  and lots of best practice cases from all over the world.


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Meet the 6 new customer types across generations – Generation Z, Y, X og Baby Boomers

In Refresh Retail 2.0 we introduce you to the six customer types across the four generations.

While focus has long been on the younger generations, we also bring generations before, Generation X and Baby Boomers, back into the spotlight. These are two generations that have more money to spend and have been neglected by brands and retailers in recent years.

Know the 6 customer types

Retailers should take an active stand on the types of customers, as they set the frames for future shopping across the four generations. Some customer types are stronger in certain age groups, but are expected to affect others in the future, and other customer types are already to be found across ages.

Attract consumers with 24 innovative  business models

In Refresh Retail 2.0 you get 24 innovative business models chosen on behalf of their ability to fulfill consumer needs and demands – and their potential to disrupt the industry.

They are your gateway to win the consumers today and in the future.

Learn from the best!

Get inspiration from the industry’s most innovative and succes players. Learn how they attack the market through practical cases from across the world.


Februar 2020


DKK 695,- 
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For further information or questions about the book please contact Dorte Wimmer by e-mail or phone +45 40 32 98 10.