Refresh Retail

How will retail look in ten years? Nobody knows, but new players like Alibaba and Amazon are forever changing the retail game and hence the consumers’ expectations and shopping behavior – in all of the retail industry.

Consumer shopping behaviors are changing more rapidly than ever before. Time has come to fully understand, embrace and accommodate change through innovation and renewal. But how is this best done? In the new book Refresh Retail, we provide you with answers as to how to create memorable and unique experiences with tomorrow’s technology and employee expertise in the center, through insights and a thorough understanding of the consumer. The book’s content is based on several years of monitoring the international and largely the Danish consumers, and is further filled with international and Danish best practice cases for inspiration.

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Expectations: consumers are changing
  • Experience: from point of sale to point of experience
  • Expertise: the DigiHuman Touch
  • 10 in-depth cases – Denmark’s best retailers

The book provides answers to:

  • How to win the current and future consumers
  • How innovations can be used to meet the changing consumer behavior
  • How stores and brands can create unique experiences in the future
  • The future roles of stores and employees
  • Future opportunities provided by technology
  • How Danes look at retail as a career path and how to attract the talent of the future
  • How to create an attractive workplace in retail and what it requires from management
  • How 10 leading retailers in Denmark experience changes in consumer expectations and how they work with experiences and expertise to win today, tomorrow and forever

It is also possible to book us for a talk, so that you can get a solid understanding of future retail. You can read more about the talk here.

Read more about the book’s author Dorte Wimmer here.


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February 2018




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