New generations are consuming the labor market

Do you know Generation Y & Z?

Retailere and brands are working around the clock to figure out how to attract the new consumers – Generation Y and Z. But as the young generations also occupy the labor market, employers and managers face new challenges.
Within five years Generation Y and Z will account for 75% of the workforce and they have completely new requirements for their employers than previous generations:

  • Do you know what motivates them?
  • How you attract them?
  • And most important of all – how you maintain them?

For several years Retail Institute Scandinavia has monitored Generation Y and Z both as consumers and employees. Therefore, we have a large data base that continuously gives us a solid insight into both generations.

How to manage Generation Y & Z?

Spend a day together with Dorte Wimmer, who will bring you and your Management Team close to Generation Y and Z as an employee, through presentations and workshops. You will get new insights and knowledge, and work with what the Generations within in the workplace will mean for your company exactly.

This combined presentation and workshop is aimed at those of the company’s employees who work with HR and management and others who want greater knowledge and insight when it comes to Generation Y and Z as employees, and who want to improve their ability to attract and maintain them in the company.

Great day with Dorte Wimmer and JYSK colleagues from 7 countries around Europe. Starting with an outside in perspective on the Retail market of the future, followed by well-defined workshops, fruitful and vivid discussions, and using the extensive research and knowledge from Retail Institute on Gen Y and Z, we made a significant progress in defining how JYSK can attract and retain the best talent in the future.

Jan Verhoek, EVP HR, JYSK


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