Location Analysis

How should you develop your store network?

At Retail Institute Scandinavia we can help you develop your store network and discover exactly where you should place your stores. Via our extensive database we are able to provide a thorough analysis and help you discover great locations for your stores and sales outlets as well as the markets you should prioritize.

We provide you with an answer to whether you need to open, close or move stores from a consumer perspective, and via our analysis we are able to discover the markets with the greatest potential for your business. In this we are looking at specific optimization of resources, store foot print, the municipalities’ development in relation to each other, and other factors that ensure the most favorable conditions for the store network and great results for the company.

We are in possession of rich market data that in combination with our analytical resources guarantees you the best locations.

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Helle Husted

Market director
E-mail: hh@retailinstitute.dk
Phone: +45 23 43 31 40

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