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The path to growth and development goes through a thorough understanding of the market, the competitors, and your customers – in short, the path to growth goes through knowledge. Ensure yourself the best up-to-date retail knowledge with a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia

A membership ensures that your entire organization has access to current, relevant and inspiring knowledge along with counseling, both daily and when the big questions arise. You are continuously kept up-to-date on trends and consumer behavior in the industry, and we provide you with in-depth, relevant and useful knowledge that you can employ strategically in your company with the inspiration from best practice cases from all over the world. A membership will enable you to develop your full potential as a retailer and provide you with an information head start and competitive advantage. As a member, the entire company has access to a wide range of services, benefits and discounts.

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The price of a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia is
DKK 33,050, – ex VAT per year.

Contact Dorte Wimmer på +45 4032 9810 / to hear more about the membership.

The Boxing Ring:
We always start with your needs

As a member of Retail Institute Scandinavia you have access to an annual two hour ”Boxing Ring” with one of our experienced consultants on a relevant topic – based on the specific needs of the company.

Take a look in our talk catalog and give us a call, so we can discuss the specific issues on which your company needs some guidance.

Do you want to stay one step ahead of the competition?

To become a member, or to hear more about how your company can benefit from a membership, please contact:

Dorte Wimmer

Phone: +45 4032 9810


The price of a membership of Retail Institute Scandinavia is
DKK 33,050, – ex VAT per year.

Unlimted access to the Knowledge Bank

Your company has unlimited access to our knowledge database of news, analyses and publications. Here you can find and search in all the news, we have provided our members with through almost two decades, download reports, analyses, Retail+ and much, much more.