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Dorte Wimmer

Retail- & consumer passionist/Director
Phone: +45 40 32 98 10

Dorte Wimmer has worked with retail trends and consumer behavior for more than 15 years in both Danish and international companies – among other things with food. Dorte Wimmer is an expert in current and future retail and consumption patterns. She has extensive knowledge and insight and knows how companies should act to win the consumers’ loyalty. This knowledge ranges from strategy and branding to purchasing behavior and cross channel strategy to implementation.

Dorte Wimmer has given lectures to over 3.000 people over the last two years in Denmark, the Nordic Region, Europe and Asia. She also holds a masters degree from Copenhagen Business School, where she now teaches the course ‘Retail Marketing’.

Henning Bahr

CEO, owner and editor in chief
Phone: +45 20 43 00 11

Henning Bahr has since 2008 been the CEO and owner of Retail Institute Scandinavia, which has merged with the Stockmann Group, bought by Henning Bahr in 1990. As the CEO of Retail Institute Scandinavia, Henning works with both consulting and market research tasks for private and public companies.

Henning Bahr originally worked within retail banking, with responsibility for branch planning, market analysis and product development. Later he worked in the market research industry with responsibility for service companies within both retail and FMCG. Henning Bahr holds a masters degree from Copenhagen Business School and further education from Stanford University with a focus on management programs.

Retail Institute Scandinavia A/S

Gl. Lundtoftevej 1E, 2. sal
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Phone: +45 7023 3010 (08.00-16.00)

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Retail Institute Scandinavia in the media

‘Dagligvarehandlen i fremtiden’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Business.

‘Fremtidens Forbrugere’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Business.

‘Netto døgnåbent’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Nord.

‘Madvaner og kogebøger’

Dorte Wimmer in DR Madmagasinet.


Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Finans.


Dorte Wimmer on DR2.


Dorte Wimmer on DR2.


Dorte Wimmer on DR2.

‘Julegaver e-handel’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 News.

‘Black Friday’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 News.

‘Fremtidens Supermarked’

Dorte Wimmer in TV2 News.

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Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Finans.

‘Power åbning’

Dorte Wimmer on DR2.


Dorte Wimmer in TV2 Finans.